Age Gracefully with Microcurrent!

February 21, 2019

Did you know a woman losses 60% of microcirculation when she enters

...AND by age 60 ATP production decreases by 50%!


With Microcurrent we can increase ATP and combat aging at the cellular level
Bye Bye dull dry skin and hello GLOWING firm skin!
It's Madonnas secret weapon in age management.....The "Material Girl" knows whats up!

Don’t think you need it because you get Botox? Actually you need it MORE!

Botox blocks the muscle from moving which in time can cause atrophy from lack
of use, Microcurrent will help stimulate the muscle to keep this from happening.

Microcurrent can be an AMAZING tool to help us age gracefully by re-toning the
facial muscles, feed the cells and increase circulation, BUT there are a few things
that can actually BLOCK the results you desire.

Check yourself here and take the appropriate actions before your microcurrent sessions to get the best results possible!

1. Dehydration (cellular and skin):

Dehydrated skin won't lift from microcurrent as well as hydrated skin.
Medication, Hormones, Climate, Low Fluid Intake, etc can cause dehydration.
*Come to your appointment super hydrated.
Eat foods with high water content, drink lemon water daily and/or celery
juice(which is amazing for everything but thats a topic of its own)

2. Lifestyle:
Late Nights, Lack of Sleep, Alcohol, Smoking and STRESS
Guided meditations are amazing at helping to lower stress levels.
Even if you just start with 10-15 minutes a day.
There are so many apps to chose from, I like Insight Timer (free) and YouTube
has unlimited options as well.

3. Diet:
Do your best to avoid High Sugar, Processed Foods, Cravings, Late Dinners, Skipped Meals

4. Lymphatic Issues:
Medications, Age, Arthritis, Auto Immune, Injury, Illness, etc can wreak havoc on your lymphatic system.
Get up and get moving! Even if its in your home, check out this easy routine!

5. Scar Tissue:
Surgeries, TMJ, Whiplash, Muscle Memory, Repressed Emotions.
It's so interesting how the scar tissue of PAIN and WORRY gets etched in the
lines of the face.
Sometimes just knowing this is enough for us to notice it when it starts to happen
(the brow begins to furrow) take 10 seconds to tap between the brows and let that $#!T go!

The best thing to do when you start feeling it come on is SMILE (and face massage EVERY DAY!)

“Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy, sometimes it just means you’re

I'm always here to answer any questions

Love & Lux,