SculPLLA and Poly L Lactic Acid

February 21, 2019

Im SO Excited to Bring this to all my amazing clients at Lux Skin Studio!

If you’re looking for filler like results but don’t feel like getting poked in the face WITH injections, you’ve found the HOLY GRAIL!

The Sculplla Facial filler Treatment is all the rage in Hollywood (as seen in Harpers Bazar) because of the skin and wrinkle plumping action achieved with the mask.

It’s excellent for new & existing clients and is great for getting your skin ‘red carpet ready’ for an event or to LEVEL UP your Age Management routine.


  • Sculplla is applied topically during a 60 minute facial.
  • After a light lactic acid peel is applied to the skin, the Sculplla serum, a Poly L Lactic Acid, (the same ingredient found in the injectable Sculptra) is infused into your skin to plump up your wrinkles the Sculplla mask is placed on top.
  • LED Light Therapy that treats acne, wrinkles and pain, is placed over the face to boost the effects of the Sculplla mask and to drive the ingredients deeper into the skin.
  • The mask drives nutrients such as anti-aging powerhouses caffeine, niacinamide and EGF peptides into your skin to stimulate collagen production at the cellular level.
  • While you can (and often will) see results after the first treatment, the mask takes time to build up in the hair follicles of your face.
  • Perfect for those over 40 to help increase loss of volume,  elasticity, hydration, thicken and firm up the skin.
  • The results are firmer, tighter and smoother skin over a couple weeks….give it time to WORK ITS MAGIC.


  • The treatment was developed in Korea and has been called, “The Korean Face Lifting Surgery Mask”
  • Improves fine lines
  • Tightens pores
  • Creates a glow
  • The effects are cumulative and may start with fine lines around eyes getting softer then disappearing.
  • Then the overall feel of skin begins to feel smoother and appear more youthful.
  • The ongoing affects of using Sculplla Mist creates skin that looks fuller, lifted and more radiant.
  • I usually suggest 5 treatments for clients over the age of 40, one per week; however, three is a good start.
  • The better shape your skin is to begin with will yield greater results.


  • The Sculplla Mist, a spritz that contains the collagen stimulating ingredient Poly L Lactic Acid and is designed to make your facial filler last longer.
  • Caviar + PLLA + 02 = CaviPLLA. It’s a new hydrating serum (which feels more like a cream) that helps with the collagen build up process when you’re getting SculPLLA treatments. And it feels AMAZING!